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The past two years have been quite eventful; I graduated college at the top of my class with a degree in Accounting and Psychology, earned my master's degree in Accounting, started a full-time job, had five hospitalizations, two surgeries, and countless needle pricks and medical tests. I have Crohn's disease and have been battling my illness daily for over seven years. I have exhausted several treatment options and currently rely on biologic and immunosuppressive medications to prevent future flare ups. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle and mindset, I am able to live a fulfilling life. I am passionate about raising awareness about Crohn's disease and sharing tips and tricks I have developed over the years that help me cope with the burden of a chronic illness.

I strive to help others by sharing my story.  Invisible illnesses should no longer be hidden; there is power in knowledge and support. I am leveraging my personal experiences to inform, help and inspire others by spreading awareness for Crohn's disease, promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle, and proving that staying positive is the best medicine.‚Äč

I was voted 1 of 13 "Inspiring Women with Chronic Illness" by Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2016. I am proud of the impact I have made in the online chronic illness community. By leveraging my personal hardships, I am able to help others understand and cope more effectively with whatever setbacks they may encounter. Below are some of my most popular published articles, featured on media sites including The Mighty, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, and Elephant Journal.